Crime Alerts

1/28/2020: On Campus Student Housing Assault with a Deadly Weapon
Hitch Suites

12/11/2019: On Campus Student Housing Sexual Battery
The Study at Hedrick

12/5/2019: Attempt to Identify: Battery Suspect
Hedrick Hall

12/4/2019: On Campus Sexual Battery
Covel Steps

12/3/2019: On Campus Battery with Serious Bodily Injury
Structure 18

12/2/2019: Off Campus Armed Robbery
1300 block of Kelton Ave.

10/24/2019: On Campus Student Housing Burglary (Hot Prowl)
Hedrick Summit

10/8/2019: On Campus Student Housing Burglaries (Hot Prowl)
Rieber Vista and Hitch Suites

8/27/2019: Stalking/Criminal Threats
400 Block of Landfair Ave

8/22/2019: Off Campus Sexual Assault
700 Block of Gayley Ave

7/16/2019: Off Campus assault with intent to commit sexual assault 
Westwood Blvd / Le Conte Ave

5/16/2019: On Campus Motor Vehicle Burglaries (Advisory) 
UCLA Parking Structures

5/2/2019: Off Campus Motor Vehicle Burglaries (Advisory) 
11811 Venice Blvd (Venice-Barry Apartments)

4/11/2019: Off Campus Assault with a Deadly Weapon
Westwood Blvd / Weyburn Ave

4/1/2019: Extortion and False Representation
UCLA Community

1/14/2019: Off Campus Burglary Hot Prowl
UPDATED 1/14/19 (Unfounded)
700 Block of Gayley Ave
1/10/2019: Off Campus Robbery
UPDATED 1/13/19 (Suspect Arrested)
500 Block of Gayley Ave