Emergency Medical Technician Jobs

emergency medical technician jobs

COVID-19 UPDATE- UCLA Emergency Medical services is conducting spring 2020 hiring. please see hiring information below:

How to Apply

UCLA Emergency Medical Services is currently accepting applications for employment, more details are available on our UCLA CCLE Site. Instructions for online application submission may be found in the document labeled “Online Application Submission Instructions” found under “Related Information”.

All applicants must submit a complete application through the UCLA CCLE Site, this may be found in the "Application Submission" folder. Additionally, you will find sample test questions and a campus map to prepare you for the written examination. 


Under the direction of the EMS Manager, the Emergency Medical Technician serves as a Station Officer for the UCLA Police Department, with the primary responsibility of providing 9-1-1 emergency medical response for the campus and surrounding community. The position is part-time, classified as 49 percent Casual Restricted, open only to full-time UCLA students (see requirements below).

Hands-on Care

UCLA EMS is a unique organization with students at its core. EMS offers one of the few opportunities for students to have hands-on patient contact. In many cases, our EMTs are the highest medical authority on the scene of medical aid requests; they assess and treat the patient and must make critical decisions affecting patient outcome. Few volunteer or lab jobs provide this exciting, invaluable experience.

Advanced On-the-job Training

All newly hired EMTs are required to complete a rigorous training program, as described below:

  • Phase-I: The first five weeks of training take place in the classroom setting. Trainees must show expertise with current EMT knowledge and are given additional instruction in defibrillation, patient assessment, driving, departmental policies and procedures, and finally tying all the information together in medical simulations. In addition to classroom lectures and simulation sessions, Phase-I trainees participate in weekly ride-alongs to observe what occurs during ambulance shifts.
  • Phase-II/III: After successful completion of classroom training, trainees work in the field with a dedicated Field Training Officer (FTO) for 12-15 weeks. The first few shifts are designed to ease the trainee into field training by having them assume a supporting role to their FTO. However, during Phase-III, trainees drive the ambulance, assess and treat all patients, and run every aspect of medical aid calls and other shift duties. FTOs step in only if the trainee is making critical mistakes. For newly hired EMTs, field training is the most challenging yet most rewarding part of the training experience. A written and simulation test complete field training and the trainee becomes a probationary employee who can work independently on his or her own shifts.

Standard of Excellence

As a result of EMS’s excellence in training and service, more than 90% of students who work for EMS go to either medical school or join fire departments. Of those EMTs who apply to medical school, 100% have been accepted. Having experience working on a 9-1-1 response ambulance makes EMS applicants stand out. 

Pay Range

Currently EMTs are compensated at an hourly rate starting at $15.50, with promotional opportunities up to $20.15. EMTs are paid biweekly and are not eligible for benefits.

Minimum Requirements

Currently certified California EMT-1s (or in the final process of getting NREMT/CA State certified) who are full-time UCLA undergraduate students with at least one calendar year remaining in school, and at least a 2.0 GPA are eligible to apply. Additionally, applicants must possess a valid California Driver's License, and have a minimum of one year driving experience. UCLA Extension students unfortunately are not eligible to apply.

Graduate students are welcome to apply provided they meet all of the Minimum Requirements above, and are not employed with UCLA in any capacity, whether required for graduate degree or not.

Note: All UCLA EMS EMTs must be available to work Days, Evenings, Nights, Weekends, Holidays, and over ALL Academic Breaks.

Selection Process

Applicants must pass a series of rigorous evaluations to be hired by UCLA EMS, which include:

  1. Online Application
  2. Multiple-choice evaluation of EMT medical knowledge
  3. Geography evaluation covering campus buildings, streets and surrounding community
  4. Group interview
  5. Practical skills assessment
  6. Formal Interview
  7. Physical agility assessment
  8. Background check

Spring 2020 Hiring Testing Dates- In order to be considered, applicants must be available for all hiring dates/times described below (exception: Information Meetings & Practice Night). If you have a conflict with any hiring dates/times described below, you must notify us in writing at [email protected] no later than 4 p.m. on Friday, May 1, 2020. Exceptions are not guaranteed, considerations will be addressed on an individual basis. Additionally, notify us if you anticiapte any difficulties in accessing any online content related to Spring 2020 Hiring.

Day/date                     timelocationevent

Tuesday, April 7th

6 p.m.

Zoom Virtual Conference


New Applicant Information Meeting

Not mandatory, but strongly recommended for all applicants.  (Only one Information Meeting need be attended)

Wednesday,       April 15th

6 p.m.

Zoom Virtual Conference


New Applicant Information Meeting

Tuesday, April 21st

6 p.m.

Zoom Virtual Conference


New Applicant Information Meeting

Tuesday, April 28th

6 p.m.

Zoom Virtual Conference


New Applicant Information Meeting

Wednesday, May 6th

6 p.m.

Zoom Virtual Conference


New Applicant Information Meeting

Tuesday, May 12th6 p.m.

Zoom Virtual Conference


New Applicant Information Meeting
Thursday, May 14th6 p.m.

Zoom Virtual Conference


New Applicant Information Meeting

Thursday, May 14th

5 p.m.Submit Application on UCLA CCLE Site

All Applications Due

All applications due at 5 p.m. (No exceptions will be allowed). Applications are reviewed, those meeting the minimum requirements will be invited to take the Written Evaluation.

Friday, May 15th

3 p.m.

Accepted Applications


Accepted Applications Listed Online

Applicants will receive an email with an information packet, containing more details on the hiring process.

Saturday, May 16th

9 a.m.

Exams available online on the UCLA CCLE site

Written Evaluation

Exam requires Respondus Lockdown Browser. Please download this free software, and verify it works on your device prior to the exam.

Evaluates EMT and UCLA geography knowledge.Test lasts approximately 2 hours. Applicants passing this portion will be invited to the Group Interview

Saturday, May 16th

Scheduled Appointments beginning about

11:30 a.m.

Zoom Virtual Conference

Those invited to the Group Interview, will be provided the Zoom meeting link.

Group Interview

Group Interview- Each applicant will be paired up with 2-3 other applicants in a group interview session to better assess problem solving and interpersonal skills.


Sunday, May 17th

Scheduled Appointments beginning about 8 a.m.


Zoom Virtual Conference

Those invited to the Practical Evaluation, will be provided the Zoom meeting link.

Practical Evaluation


Sunday,       November 17th

Those Invited to the Formal Interview will be informed the time

Zoom Virtual Conference

Those invited to the Formal Interview, will be provided the Zoom meeting link.

Formal Interview

Applicants who pass the practical are invited back for formal interview.

Date: TBDTime: TBDPhysical Evaluation- Those invited to the Physical Evaluation, will be contated with more information.Physical Evaluation- Includes lifting a gurney loaded with 180 lb. patient, carrying a loaded flat up and down stairs and a run loaded with equipment up and down stairs.

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